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Books & Publications

Neo4j 2.0 Eine GraphDatenbank für Alle -

Spring Data - A Guide to Modern Enterprise Data Management, O’Reilly

Spring Roo - Chapter Neo4j - Josh Long, O’Reilly

97 Things Every Programmer should know - Kevlin Henney, O’Reilly

Thesis: "Metadata"

My Diploma (Master) Thesis on building enterprise applications based on metadata-mappings. === Thesis: "Refactoring"


I reviewed also quite a number of books. Usually I spend way too much time per book and give quite thorough and harsh feedback.

Beautiful Code, Pragmatic Programmers

Clojure, Stuart Halloway, Pragmatic Programmers

Git , Pragmatic Programmers

Implementation Patterns - Kent Beck, Pearsons

NOSQL - Distilled - Martin Fowler, Pearsons

DSL - Martin Fowler, Pearsons

Apprenticeship Patterns, Ade Oshineye, Dave Hoover, O’Reilly

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