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Here is a small list of the projects I contributed to or started.

You can find most of them in my GitHub account or in the neo4j-contrib repositories

Neo4j GraphQL - 2016

A GraphQL endpoint for Neo4j that converts GraphQL queries into Neo4j’s Cypher. Written in Kotlin, which is fun.

Neo4j Spark Connector - 2016

Based on the binary Neo4j driver I built a first connector for Apache Spark. A fluent DSL allows to describe the data to be loaded, configure partitions and determine which Spark Data type to load.

APOC - Awesome Procedures for Cypher - 2016

A collection of almost 300 user defined procedures and functions for Neo4j. It covers

jQAssistant - 2014

My early work with analysing Java Byte Code with ASM & Neo4j inspired my friend Dirk Mahler to start the jQAssistant project.

An extensible, plugin-based software (architecture) analytics, validation and documentation tool, that uses Neo4j and Cypher to represent connected information in software projects.

Besides the inspiration and feedback I also provided the asciidoc support for rule declaration and the graphml export plugin with virtual graph support.

JPatterns - 2011

Based on a joint idea between Heinz Kabutz and myself, we started a annotation based pattern library for Java, that encodes the GoF design patterns as annotations which can be used to denote the roles of a patter that classes, fields and methods play. Useful for documenting used patterns and educational, Heinz used it in his Java Specialists Training class for exercises.s

Neo4j CSV Batch Importer - 2011

The first high performance CSV importer for Neo4j, was widely used until Neo4j 2.1 added a built-in importer.

Spring Data Neo4j - 2010

Spring Data Neo4j was the founding project of the Spring Data project family. It started by Rod Johnson and Emil Eifrem coding the first Neo4j integration for mapping annotated POJOs to Neo4j using AspectJ.

I took over and developed the library for several years with a number of contributors and helped evolve the Spring Data (Commons) projects.

I wrote the InfoQ book "Good Relationships - A Spring Data Neo4j Guidebook" and contributed the Neo4j Chapter to the Spring-Data book from O’Reilly.

I also contributed the (Spring Data) Neo4j integration to Spring Roo and the first integration of Spring Data Neo4j to Spring Boot.

I’m still the project lead for Spring Data Neo4j which will soon be released in version 5.0.

Qi4j - 2007

A composite programming framework developed by Rickard Öberg & Nicklas Hedhman. I contributed the JDBC / SQL support and quite a number of refactorings. I became core-comitter in 2008.

Quaere - 2006

Language Integrated Query (LINQ) equivalent for Java started by Anders Noras.

Squill - 2006

A SQL-DSL started with Jevgeni Kabanov (ZeroTurnaround) that merged earlier ideas and Jequel.

Jequel - 2006

A SQL-DSL with a fluent API, Generation of Token classes for tables, columns, comments, (foreign) keys etc.

Brick And Mortar - 2007

A Spring-Bean based batch processing and transformation tool for complex support and processing workflows in retail systems.

MorgenGrauen Web-Telnet

Web-based MUD client.

A coffeescript / node.js webapp to wrap/proxy a telnet connection. Adds a beginner-friendly UI with a number of built-in interactions for exploring the virtual text based world of a Multi User Dungeon.

MorgenGrauen 2000-2005

Developing in LPC for Multi-User-Dungeons is fun.

In the German MUD MorgenGrauen I was responsible for the "Chaos" Guild and the "Desert" region.

I developed an p2p area, an intro tutorial and several mini-quests.

And I wrote LPC-Unit an xUnit testing tool for LPC.

Mapper 1998

A Java based Mapping program for multi user dungeons with a lot of functionality to (interactively) draw, manage and navigate maps in a bi-directional

Tiny Macros - 1996

A huge collections of TinyFugue macros for Multi User Dungeons esp. MorgenGrauen, included complex datastructures, help system, routing system, mapping and auto-explorer

German English Translator 1992

Written for Windows in Borland Pascal, I distributed it as share-ware.

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